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Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN)

Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN) is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is three-fold: To assist our veterans, national guard and reservists to find work through career service, programs / initiatives, mentorships, networking and job leads; To educate employers in the greater Philadelphia area on how to hire our local veterans (Learn, Engage and Hire); To offer veteran professional leadership and veteran entrepreneurship programs. Learn More.


GPVN Supports Veterans

GPVN empowers our Veterans, National Guard and reservists to find work through career services programs, mentorships, networking and job leads. GPVN also offers Veteran professional leadership and Veteran entrepreneurship programs and initiatives. Learn More


GPVN Employers

GPVN provides innovative programs for employers in the Greater Philadelphia region who are looking to hire local Veterans – “Learn, Engage and Hire.” Learn More


Community Organizations Support GPVN

GPVN executes its mission through the active participation of volunteers and collaboration with surrounding businesses and civic leaders, chambers and associations, local universities/colleges and local, state and federal agencies.

Throughout the job search process I encountered plenty of dead ends and disappointments. My job search was not easy.  But, in the end, with a gigantic emphasis on networking and a tremendously positive, aggressively confident attitude, I was able to land my dream job. GPVN helped me to hone skills I already had; they truly brought out my best.  My success is directly attributable to their enthusiasm and proven method of finding veterans permanent employment. – Pete B (USMC Veteran)

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