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Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN) is the architect of the bridge that Veterans, employers, business/civic leaders, higher education and government entities build together, to make this region* the top destination for Veterans who are seeking:

Employment ♦ Leadership Development ♦ Entrepreneurship

The Story

Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN) is a non-profit organization founded by Search and Rescue Swimmer (Navy) OEF Veteran, Alex Archawski. Alex went through the unique experience of transitioning twice out of the service (from active duty and the reserves), both times needing to find new jobs. When seeking job search assistance he noticed existing services were not empowering Veterans to their full potential. They missed key areas such as: ‘career objective’, ‘personal branding’, ‘developing and implement a new network’, and teaching the social structure of a job search to Veterans. Through this process Alex also took note that employers were having difficulty in attracting, engaging and hiring Veterans in their own community. He also noticed that there was a gap in providing help for Veterans in leadership development and assisting aspiring Veteran Entrepreneurs and Veteran Business Owners.

In 2010, Alex and a small group of committed volunteers founded Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN). GPVN quickly created innovative programs and initiatives to help our local Veterans and Employers.  Due to the rapid growth and demand for GPVN services, the group became a non-profit organization. GPVN’s impactful programs include: Take a Vet to Work Day, Veteran Open House, Veteran Internship Initiative, Speed Networking and Interviewing For Veterans, Staying A Leader Outside the Military, Veteran Entrepreneurship Shark Tank, How To Hire Our Veterans (round table series), Take An Employer To Base Day and many other robust initiatives. He is a frequent speaker at Veteran hiring conferences, on college campuses with student Veteran groups, Veteran job fairs, Human Resources conferences and various chamber events.

GPVN has become well known in the community as a Veteran Service Organization who inspires empowerment and accountability for all the Veterans they work with.  A reflection of their tag line, “Our Tools, Your Mission.”  GPVN continues to succeed and grow due to the passion and commitment of over 1,500 people involved as volunteers, mentors, committees, board & advisory board and ongoing support of local businesses and community leaders.

Be part of the biggest ‘network’ of Veterans in Philadelphia – get involved today!


(*GPVN serves Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware)
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